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Pear Paste Candies


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    Pear Paste or Sydney Paste is a pear syrup or paste used as a traditional medicine in East Asia, in particular in Chinese food therapy, it is also called Qiu Li Gao or Autumn Pear Syrup. Pears are known for their moistening and cooling properties in East Asian Medicine. With the addition of other yin-nourishing herbs and the tonifying properties of honey, this delicious paste is the perfect salve for fall's dryness. The preparation is used to suppress coughing and mucus production and to treat asthma and dry cough. Traditional practitioners believe it ""nourishes lung yin and promotes the production of body fluid"".
    The pear paste candy comes from the story of Wei Zheng, the chancellor of the Tang Dynasty, who sought medicine for his mother. Wei Zheng's mother suffered from cough and asthma for many years, Wei Zheng sought medical help everywhere, but there was no effect, making Wei Zheng worried. When Emperor Taizong Li Shimin heard the news, he arranged for an imperial doctor to visit her. However, Wei's mother did not want to drink it because it was too bitter. Wei Zheng could not think about the mother likes to eat pears, Wei Zheng changed the pear juice to sugar water to add the remedy together with boiling. Due to the exertion fell asleep, and sugar water accidentally boiled dry into a sugar cube. Wei Zheng tries not badly, taking to his mother to eat, Wei's mother very much like it. Eat half a month after the disease is surprisingly good, appetite, thus the pear paste sugar will spread in the folk.
    When it comes to pear paste sugar, the raw material is of course still Shandong Laiyang pear is better. The taste is fresh and sweet. It can be made into fondant and lollipop. Also added lutein ester composition, is more conducive to supplementing the body's nutritional needs.